Timber Flooring Cammeray

Palmer St, Cammeray

Turpentine T&G Timber Flooring

Turpentine T&G timber flooring installed into Kitchen & Living areas of recently renovated home in Cammeray on Sydney's Lower North Shore.

Contemporary Architecture

Newmark Group

Timber Mill
Hurford Hardwood

Flooring Product
130 x 14 mm (‘Fourteen’) Select Grade Turpentine Tongue & Groove Flooring

Finish Specification
Synteko 'Classic' 50 / Semi Gloss

Turpentine Species Guide
Floor Finish Choices
Hurford Fourteen Product Brochure


Is a large hardwood that grows in the rich lush soils of the north east coast of Australia between Sydney and Cairns. With its beautiful deep chocolate reddish brown colouring, Turpentine is a floor that matches well with modern elegant spaces. Turpentine has an even texture with a very tight interlocking grain. Botanical Name Syncarpia glomulifera. Colour Dark chocolates to reddish brown. Natural Durability Class 1 (above ground). Janaka Rating 12.

Select Grade

Providing a floor where the feature present or natural discolouration will not dominate the appearance of the floor. Features that are permitted still include short narrow gum veins, a limited number and size of past borer activity and small knots.


Hurford Hardwood has developed “Fourteen” for people who love the look of wide hardwood boards but don’t want the traditional top-nail appearance in their floor. Fourteen has been fully designed and tested with the support of the “Australian Timber Flooring Association” for optimal performance as a floor covering. Fourteen’s unique attributes have been designed to work in harmony with the fixing methods and the subfloor to ensure a balanced stable floor is achieved. Fourteen has been specifically designed for secret fixing to plywood or particleboard using adhesive and concealed mechanical fixings. Fourteen has been pre straightened using a proprietary method which Hurfords have developed and enables clean straight lines to be achieved when the flooring is installed, as well as assisting in a faster installation process.

Synteko Classic

Is a fast-drying, two-component, acid-curing hardwood floor finish for interior use based on modified amino and alkyd resins in a solvent mixture. This finish has an amber colour, enhancing natural wood colours. Synteko Classic delivers an extremely durable, long lasting beautiful finish. Suitable for finishing of hardwood and other timber floors in residential as well as in commercial areas offering excellent grain clarity,depth and colour. Synteko Classic acts as its own sealer has excellent workability properties and fast drying time provide the benefit of one-day job application. Synteko Classic is available in three gloss levels: Matte, Satin, Gloss. Synteko Classic complies with the latest VOC rules in Europe.