Reclaimed Oregon Duffys Forest

Anembo Rd, Duffys Forest

Reclaimed Oregon Flooring with Wire Brush effect

The original Oregon floor boards to this Duffys Forest Estate were reclaimed and re-milled, with a rustic wire brushed texture, before being reinstalled into their original location. Additional ‘on site’ texturising (wire brushing) was later performed as part of the sanding and finishing process.

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Timber Flooring Product
A mixture of 19 x 225, 160 & 95 mm Reclaimed Oregon Flooring

Loba Invisible Protect

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Reclaimed Flooring

Collected timber that would have otherwise been disposed of as waste or used for energy recovery. Does not include logs left over from forestry and land-clearing operations.

Loba 2K Invisible Protect

A 2 component waterborne thin film coating retains the natural appearance and feel of untreated wood while providing superior protection. Properties; looks and feels like natural untreated wood, very easy to to apply, self-sealing - no primer needed, excellent chemical resistance, non ambering & keeps the natural appearance of the wood.